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Under the 1999 National Human Rights Commission Act, the NHRCT shall function with independence and impartiality and has wide-ranging mandates. Among others, major responsibilities include:
to promote the respect for human rights domestically and internationally;
to examine acts of human rights violation or those which do not comply with the country's international human rights obligations and propose remedial measures to individuals or organizations concerned;
to submit an annual report on the country's human rights situation to the Parliament and the government;
to propose to the Parliament and the government revision of laws, rules or regulations, and policy recommendations for the purpose of promoting and protecting human rights;
to disseminate information and promote education and reserch in human rights;
to cooperate and coordinate with government agencies, NGOs and other human rights organizations..
The 2007 Constitution has entrusted the NHRCT with increasing mandates:
to submit cases together with opinions to the Constitutional Court or the Administrative Court as the case may be where any provision of laws, rules, regulations or administrative acts is detrimental to human rights and begs the question of constitutionality and legelity for the purpose of promoting the respect for human rights; and
to file a lawsuit on behalf of a complainant for the purpose of redressing the problem of human rights violation in general.

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